Solving food ordering process in offices


Lunchbox is a personal project that I created to experiment with visual and user interactions. There is definitely a story behind it and a little research. Since I am a big lover of food, ordering and accessibility. I decided to work on something that would allow me to order a meal easily.


At my previous place of work, we had a cook who delivers lunch daily, he constantly complains of loss because he prepares more than is required (not everyone likes his food).

As techies we decide to help out by creating a light weight app to cater for those who are interested in ordering his meals.

My role

  • Wireframe
  • Interface Design
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Information Architecture


There were two sides to the app, the user end and the clients end, For users end; the main goal was to create an app with a 3 step ordering process. We had to present the meals in a simple and appealing manner, showing a little reminder of when order placement ends and prices attached to each meal. For the client end; We created pages to shows all the orders for the day and a page to add new menu for the day.

I created the UI for the app in 3 days. but the development didn’t happen till the Chef left. All I have is a prototype sitting on Invision. lol 🙂

lunch box app